A Message from the Squires Chairman, Kerry Williams, Jr

July 1, 2016


Greetings My Fellow Brother Knights!


Spirituality, service, leadership, and character building are just some of the words used to describe our Squires Program.  Our goal every year is to create activities that will attract young men to the program.  We have planned an exciting year aimed at taking our program to the next level!  For the first time in recent history, we will attempt to encompass everything that Brother Barnabas envisioned when he created the Columbian Squires program in 1925. This year marks ninety-one years in existence for the Columbian Squires Program!  This year’s planned activities include religious teachings through seminars, workshops, civic field trips, sports events, educational enhancement and community service opportunities. 


I want to thank our Worthy State Deputy, James Riente and all of our State Council Officers for their unwavering support of the program and their confidence in me.  Thanks to my committeemen who selflessly support our boys by using their talents, time, and money for the program.  To our outgoing State Chief Squire Mathew Massey, thank you for your outstanding service as State Chief Squire for the last two years.  I am looking forward to working with you in the future to continue the great work of this program.  Finally, I would like to thank all the parents and Brother Knights throughout the great State of Louisiana for your prayers, support and love!  


  The 2016-17 Louisiana State Squires Officers are:


  • State Chief Squire, Kobe Chauvin (786)
  • State Deputy Chief Squire, Kameron Williams (4857)
  • State Notary, Michael Braud (4857)
  • State Bursar, Payton Gibson (4857)
  • State Marshal, Matthew Gary (4444)
  • State Sentry Clayton Kerlin (5592).





     Like the rest of Squires Circles throughout the order, we must strive to achieve the Supreme Knight’s initiative of “building the domestic church” and “strengthening our families.”  We will do so by assisting our Pastors, Priests, Brothers, Sisters, and Seminarians with different tasks that may arise and we will continue to assist our Councils, Assemblies, and Ladies Auxiliaries as well, while teaching our young men to become leaders and Catholic gentlemen.  Retention and recruitment are key!  Our kids will start asking Dads why aren’t you a Knight?  Just another way our Squires can assist our order by “Recruiting Our Parents!”


     With respect to the “Strengthen Our Families” mandate, we can assist with this through the support and expansion of the Squire Roses. In 2012, Past State Squires Chairman and current State Warden, George Martin formed the first Squire Rose circle in Leesville, Louisiana.  Since then, we have opened another Squire Rose Circle in Slidell, Louisiana on April 2, 2016. The new Squire Roses Circle is sponsored by the St. Luke Council #9973.


The Louisiana State Circle has 6 to 8 Squire Rose circles that are currently in the works.  The Columbian Squire Roses were established in 1996 under the leadership of Mr. Russ DeRose (International Squire Rose Director) and the Virginia State Knights of Columbus Council.  More information about the Squire Roses in Louisiana will be available on the new State Circle website, www.lasquires.org, which is currently under development and will be published this fall. The Columbian Squires Roses will be operated by the Louisiana State Circle and will be overseen by Cathy M. Chauvin, State Squire Roses Coordinator. She has extensive knowledge of the Columbian Squires program and I feel she is the best person to oversee the expansion of the roses in our state.


This upcoming year we will be including the Squire Roses in some of our events such as the Retreat, sporting events, and seminars to name a few.  If you are interested in starting a Squire Rose Circle, please contact me at kerry.williams@lasquires.org or Cathy Chauvin at cathy.chauvin@lasquires.orgWith the expansion of the Squire Roses we can now recruit the entire family! 


This past May, we held our State Convention in Slidell and Squires and Squire Roses from across the state of Louisiana attended and had a great time.  The weekend was filled with fun and was very successful. I cannot thank Christopher Pericone and the Slidell Circle enough for all of their hard work to make the Convention a success. Chris Pericone is an outstanding leader in his local circle and I am very pleased to name him as the State Convention Coordinator for the Louisiana State Circle.


Please continue to pray for and support this outstanding program by contributing to YEP (Quota Plus) and our fundraising efforts. Someone once said, “If service is beneath you, leadership is beyond you”. In other words, you have to be humble and follow before you can lead.



Kerry T. Williams, Jr.

State Squires Chairman

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