Volunteer Opportunities
Questions about volunteering to help the State Circle should be directed to the Director of Operation, Tre Williams at tre.williams@lasquires.org.

The State Circle is also looking for donations and help with numerous State Events throughout the year.

If you would like to help at our Annual State Convention, please contact Convention Coordinator, Chris Pericone at chris.pericone@lasquires.org
to find out how you can help.

If you would like to donate or help out at any of our other events, please contact Events Coordinator, Kerry Winder at kerry.winder@lasquires.org.

Volunteer Opportunities




State Circle Volunteer Opportunities




The State Circle is in need of help in the following areas:





Web and Technology


Web Editor - Will be responsible for keeping the content up-to-date on lasquires.org



Web Editor (Roses) - Will be responsible for keeping the content up-to-date on the State Roses website.






*Requirements* That you be familiar with computers and software like Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop












The Pulse newsletter


Editor - This person oversees the production of the state circle's newsletter




News Editor - Point person for all news in the State Circle, assigning reporters to cover events across the state.




Copy Editor- Proofs all stories for grammatical errors and accuracy, helps write headlines, etc...






Reporters - Reporters will be responsible for interviewing and documenting state events and/or local events for coverage in the Pulse. The State Circle is looking to have a reporter in each region of the state.














Photographers - The State Circle is looking for photographers to help photograph state events and post them to the website.














All positions are open to senior squires and squire roses (ages 14 - 18). We are also looking for counselors to fill some positions.


If you are interested, please email (contact@lasquires.org) and leave your name, circle number and a phone number. 









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