Forms and Downloads

Form # Form Name Due Date  
4348 Youth Leader As Needed  
1728A Survey of Fraternal Activity Individual Member Worksheet As Needed  
363 Squires Newsletter/Major Activity Report As Needed  
333 Something More - Video Order As Needed  
247-NC-1 Semiannual Circle Status and Audit March 1st  
247-NC-2 Semiannual Circle Status and Audit September 1st  
2863 RSVP and Plaque Application As Needed  
457 Notice of Intent to Establish a Columbian Squires Circle As Needed  
460 Notice of Institution of a Columbian Squires Circle As Needed  
278-NC Corps d'Elite Award June 30th  
468 Columbian Squire Officers & Chairman August 1st  
279-NC Brother Barnabas June 30th  
1728C Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity January 31st  
102SAF-LA 2016 State Scholarship Application May 1st  
2016 - 2017 Columbian Squires Grading Form April 5th  

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