Joint Fundraisers


2016 - 2017 Joint Fundraisers




The Louisiana State Circle will be offering two fundraising opportunities to Squires Circles throughout the State. These fundraisers consist of two raffles. The first raffle will be held from August 6, 2016 – January 7, 2017 and the second raffle will be held from January 7, 2017 – June 3, 2017.


All Circles in Louisiana are encouraged to participate in these fundraisers. The fundraisers will help your circle raise funds for operations, per-capita and costs to attend events, as well as help the State Circle raise funds to cover various expenses (i.e. State Events, Convention, etc.…).


Each Circle participating will receive 500 tickets to sell. The tickets will cost $2.00 each. Tickets will be given out in increments of 500. Once a circle orders tickets from the State Circle, that circle will be required to sell all 500 tickets. The State Circle cannot accept unsold tickets back from circles. Because of budget constraints accepting unsold tickets will severely put our programming in jeopardy for the year.


The payout to circles will be $400 (40%) for every 500 tickets sold. The state circle will receive $600 (60%) for every 500 tickets sold. The state circle will purchase the prizes out of its 60% of the revenue. Once a circle sells its 500 tickets, it can order 500 more from the State Circle. A Circle may sell as many tickets as they want, but the tickets must be ordered from the State Circle in increments of 500.


The drawing for the Fall Raffle will be held at the State Retreat on January 7, 2017 in New Orleans. The drawing for the Spring Raffle will be held at the State Convention Awards Banquet, June 3, 2017 in Slidell. Arrangements will be made for the winner to pick up the prizes at their nearest Best Buy. The Circle that produces the winner of the fall raffle and the spring raffle will get special reserve seating at the State Convention.





Click here to download the 2016-17 Fundraising packet 


Please see FLYER to learn what we will be raffling.







Payment & Ticket Stubs


Local circles will sell tickets and collect ticket money. Money should be held by the Chief Counselor of the circle or his designee. Once the circle sells 500 tickets a check should be forwarded to the State circle for $600 (60% of total revenue). Ticket stubs should be collected and kept by the Chief Counselor of the Circle. Ticket stubs must be brought to the drawing location by the Chief Counselor. All ticket stubs should be turned over to the State Fundraising Coordinator, Keith Williams on the day of the drawing. All money from the raffle is due to the State Circle by January 6, 2017.




Ordering Tickets


Circles wishing to participate in the fundraiser should order tickets from the state circle. All Tickets must be ordered from the State Circle. Chief Counselors should keep record of their starting and ending ticket numbers. Tickets can be ordered on the State Circle website at Tickets must be ordered in increments of 500. Before a circle can order more tickets, the circle must turn in all money owed to the state circle from the previous set of tickets. 






Notification of the Winner


The State Circle will notify the winner of the raffle by email and phone. The winner will also be announced through text, website and social media. Circles should make sure that the handwriting on all ticket stubs is legible. The circle that produces the winner will receive special reserve seating at the 2017 State Convention.





Mailing of Checks



Circles should make checks out to:
Louisiana State Columbian Squires

Mail checks to:
Louisiana State Circle
P.O. BOX 2663
Opelousas, LA 70570







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