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Columbian Squire Roses









  • The Squire Roses consists of members that are catholic young women from ages 10 through 18.



  • Our counselors are adult women, 21 and older, who are Safe Environment trained.



  • All women regardless of age must go through the same investiture ceremony and abide by the Squire Roses by-laws.



  • The Squire Roses have an established Charter, and by-laws, that includes non-discrimination, morality, ethics and equality clauses.



  • Each Squire Rose Circle should adapt service as a principle of the circle.



  • Each Circle should be financially independent within 3 years.



  • Each member is required to manage at least one project each year. The project can be a new or an existing project.



  • It is expected that each Circle share their ideas and projects with other Squire Roses Circles in their area, nationwide or internationally, including suggestions and ideas for improvements.



  • All Counselors must be certified by the church or school to legally work with minors and be a Practical Catholic. And any woman certified to work with minors can be a counselor and will not have to be part the sponsoring women’s organization. They, however, must be active in the Circle as a mentor and may even serve as a Committee adviser when appropriate.









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